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    GLENDALE Richard Sherman Color Rush Jersey , Ariz. (AP) — The Seattle Seahawks got a victory but lost an embittered Earl Thomas with a fractured leg.The Arizona Cardinals remained winless but had to be encouraged with the performance of rookie quarterback Josh Rosen in his first start.It was a mixed bag for both teams but the Seahawks came away with the victory Sunday when Sebastian Janikowski, after two earlier misses, kicked a 52-yard field goal as time expired for a 20-17 victory over the Cardinals, who fell to 0-4 for the first time since 1986, two years before the franchise moved from St. Louis.“We ran the ball for over 170 yards, which is fantastic,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said. “Mike Davis ran like crazy. He gave us a great effort on a day when Chris (Carson) couldn’t go.”Thomas sustained a lower left leg fracture while defending what turned out to be the game-tying touchdown pass from Rosen to Chad Williams in the fourth quarter.Obviously frustrated, Thomas made an obscene gesture toward the Seattle side of the field as he was carted off.Thomas had been embroiled in a contract squabble with the Seahawks, skipping some practices to show his ire. His teammates understood his frustration.“It’s an unfortunate part of the business,” Seattle linebacker Bobby Wagner said. “If he doesn’t come back, he’s not a team guy. If he does come back, he gets hurt and they say he shouldn’t have come back. It’s a crazy business that we’re in.”Rosen, meanwhile, was impressive in his starting debut, completing 15 of 27 passes for 180 yards and a touchdown with no interception. He had several passes dropped.“I thought he played fantastic,” said teammate Larry Fitzgerald, who uncharacteristically dropped a couple. “I didn’t do him any justice by making plays for him, but I think he stuck in there and made some wonderful plays, some great throws.”Here are some things to consider from Seattle’s victory over Arizona.ROSEN’S DAYRosen said he had a couple of scrambles out of the backfield “that kind of got me in the flow of the game a little bit in the sense of like Duane Brown Color Rush Jersey , ‘I belong here.”He said he felt more comfortable as the game went on and was at his most effective completing three big passes leading to his 22-yard TD toss to Chad Williams to tie the game at 17-17.“Again, his poise showed up,” coach Steve Wilks said. “… Total control over that whole drive.”INJURED SEAHAWKSThomas wasn’t the only Seattle player to be injured.Rookie tight end Will Dissly was carted off in the first quarter with a patellar tendon injury.“There’s nothing we can do but send love to them and build them up and all that,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said. “The bittersweet is so obvious. That’s how we’re feeling about it.”DAVIS RUNS WILDThrough the first three games this season, Davis had three carries for three yards.With Collins unable to play on Sunday, Davis ran wild, gaining 101 yards in 21 attempts, including TD runs of 20 and one yards.“Mike Davis stepped up in a huge, huge way,” Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said. “He was the star of the game, I think, just making so many plays. He’s an explosive player. He works the right way. He’s a professional. He comes in ready.”After his TDs, Davis did a celebration that included him waking from a slumber.“I just feel like I have been slept on ever since I came into the NFL,” he said. “It is just a reminder that I will wake them up one day.”JOHNSON’S PROGRESSFinally, David Johnson began to look like David Johnson.The Arizona running back topped 100 yards from scrimmage. He rushed for 71 yards in 22 attempts, including a 21-yard run, and caught three for 41 yards, including a 30-yard screen pass on Arizona’s game-tying TD drive.But Johnson gave himself poor grades.“I don’t know about the other guys, but I’m very disappointed in myself K.J. Wright Color Rush Jersey ,” he said. “I had a lot of mental errors, man, and I didn’t do enough to help out the team.”KICKING WOESJankowski and Dawson are two of the most experienced kickers in the business, but they each missed twice.“No excuses,” Dawson said. “I go out there whenever I’m told to go out there, and it’s my job to put the ball through the posts. And twice today, I didn’t do that.”Dawson missed a 45-yarder that would have given Arizona the lead with 1:50 to play. Seattle drove downfield, with no timeouts, to set up Janikowski’s winning kick. Friday I looked at the success the Seattle Seahawks have had over the last eight and a half seasons in primetime, as the team sports the best winning percentage in the entire NFL in games played under the lights during that period of time. That of course led to one commenter asking what many were certainly asking in their head: Why? Is there some magic sauce that allows the team to excel in primetime? Is it Pete’s motivational abilities? Are they vampires that have greater powers once the sun goes down? Odds are it’s nothing more complex than the time zone in which the Seahawks play their home games. Seahawks fans have no issue holding a disdain for road games that start at 10 AM on the West Coast, so would it be that big of a stretch to imagine that late games might favor teams from out west? Well, let’s take a look at how NFL teams have fared in all their games, not just in primetime, over the same period of time that we looked at on Friday. So, here’s the primetime winning percentage and the overall winning percentage for every team. Primetime and overall wining percentage for NFL teams since 2010RkTmW-L% PrimetimeW-L% OverallRkTmW-L% PrimetimeW-L% OverallNow, that’s most certainly a whole lot of information to try and digest, so let’s break it down a little. If it’s true that teams that play further west, specifically in the Pacific Time Zone, have an advantage in primetime games Bobby Wagner Color Rush Jersey , then there should be a noticeable opposite effect of teams that play in time zones further east. In particular, what we’d expect to see is that the teams that play in the Eastern Time Zone would be most likely to underperform relative to their overall record in primetime, with teams in the Central time zone showing less of an underperformance. Well, let’s break that table down by time zone, and we’ll start with teams that play their home games in the Eastern Time Zone. Eastern Time Zone teams in primetime versus overall winning percentageTeamW-L% PrimetimeW-L% OverallDifferenceTeamW-L% PrimetimeW-L% OverallDifferenceWhat we see there is that twelve of sixteen, or three quarters, of the teams that play their home games in the Eastern Time zone underperform in primetime relative to their overall record. Moving on to the Central Time zone, we’d expect to see a smaller effect, so let’s look at the nine teams that play there. Central Time Zone teams in primetime versus their overall winning percentageTeamW-L% PrimetimeW-L% OverallDifferenceTeamW-L% PrimetimeW-L% OverallDifferenceHere we see that five of nine teams that play in the Central Time Zone underperform relative to their overall winning percentage. That’s certainly what we would expect, so let’s keep moving on to the Mountain Time Zone. The Denver Broncos are the only team that play all of their home games in the Mountain Time Zone. However, the Arizona Cardinals, who play in a state that doesn’t observe daylight savings time, play roughly half their home games while on Mountain Time and half on Pacific Time, so I’ve included them in this spreadsheet so the Broncos aren’t so lonely. Mountain (and Arizona) Time zone teams in primetime versus overall winning percentageTeamW-L% PrimetimeW-L% OverallDifferenceTeamW-L% PrimetimeW-L% OverallDifferenceBoth of those two teams perform better in primetime than one would expect them to do based on their overall record, so the trend is certainly holding. Thus, it becomes time to move on to the Pacific Time Zone. Pacific Time Zone teams in primetime versus overall winning percentageTeamW-L% PrimetimeW-L% OverallDifferenceTeamW-L% PrimetimeW-L% OverallDifferenceNow, here the hypothesis runs into a bit of a hiccup, with two of the five teams that play their homes games not conforming to the pattern. However, one of those two teams also happened to play the first six seasons of the sample period in the central time zone. So Justin Coleman Color Rush Jersey , what happens if we remove the 2010 through 2015 seasons from the calculations for the then St. Louis, but now Los Angeles Rams? Well, since moving back to L.A. in 2016, the Rams overall winning percentage is .571, while in primetime it is .600, which would hold with the hypothesis. However, the sample size in which they have accumulated that .600 winning percentage is a whopping total of five games heading into the Monday Night matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. Thus, this is the very definition of a small sample size, and may or may not be indicative of an overall trend. So, while it is far from definitive based on this extremely high level and crude analysis, there certainly seems to be some evidence to the fact that teams from a more westerly time zone may have an advantage when playing a primetime game relative to their eastern brethren. There may or may not be actual fire here, but there is at least enough smoke to dig a little bit deeper and see what we can figure out. Hopefully there is indeed something to this, as the Hawks have two games remaining in primetime – the Week 14 showdown with the Minnesota Vikings that is likely to carry huge playoff ramifications and the Week 16 matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. Both the Vikings and the Chiefs play in the Central Time Zone, so hopefully there’s something to this, and it helps the Seahawks make their way into the playoffs in what many thought would be a rebuilding year.

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