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    ylq ylq

    The most beautiful scenery I encountered in my mind was during a mountaineering activity. I remember it was a summer, the weather was hot, and even the leaves fell down. There was a trace of irritability on everyone’s face, all in a hurry. At this time, we are going to go hiking, what a bad luck! The bus gradually moved away from the hustle and bustle of the city, came to a large mountain, looked up, and saw the mountain high, and the hot weather, coupled with the hot weather, I was almost desperate, but then I thought, maybe there is a landscape in my heart , So I lifted up one step and climbed up one step. There is a park in the middle, but it’s not really a park. Although I still went in, it wasn’t because I had any leisurely feelings. It was too hot. There were many trees and many tourists. As soon as I entered, I felt a cool breeze. The hot sun was covered by the leaves, and a little light spot was penetrated in the gaps between the leaves. The leaves were still very green and full of vitality. Look! In the distance, there are several old pines with staggered roots, verdant pine needles, dark brown branches, and there seem to be little squirrels scurrying about. Looking further away, a clump of reeds surrounds a small village, and the lake is clear. The sun shining on the water reflects through the reeds. The reeds are blown by the breeze, green, thin, about half a person tall. Behind the reeds, there is a house with a red tile roof. The smoke from the chimney is like a painting. It dispels the irritability in my heart and is replaced by coolness and calmness! When I saw the smoke, I remembered that it was time to have lunch. Walking on the cobbled road, I thought to myself: Is this the scenery in my heart? Verdant reeds, red-tiled cabins, sparkling lakes, is this? I thought of going all the way forward, and suddenly I looked up, I encountered it, it was so accidental. A cleaner, hoisting a rope, picked a drink bottle back and forth in the mountain stream. I froze, and the cliff became unusual because of the cleaner Marlboro Cigarettes. I saw the cleaner holding the rope in his right hand and two feet on the cliff, picking up all kinds of garbage thrown in the cliff with his left hand, just like a gecko crawling on the wall Cheap Cigarettes. His skill is beautiful, that little red The tile wooden house, the small lake, and the reeds are all beautiful Carton Of Cigarettes, but the cleaner is the most beautiful, not in appearance but in heart. He and the cliff behind him, the garbage in his hands will freeze in my mind like a photo. They are the scenery in my heart, and they are the most beautiful!<br/>Related articles:<br/> NewportCigarettesCoupons
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    bonniee mary

    I read your post. It is very informative and helpful to me. I admire the message valuable information you provided in your article. Thank you for posting, again!

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