It's not as if no fast bowler has bowled well on these surfaces

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    It’s not as if no fast bowler has bowled well on these surfaces. Junaid Khan always had an edge about him in Abu Dhabi, nothing short of miraculous given that pitch (this is Junaid and this is all fast bowlers in Abu Dhabi). Stuart Broad and James Anderson were good across the country Cheap Cigarettes Outlet. Dale Steyn scared the bejabbers out of Pakistan once when they were chasing 40. Umar Gul had a moment or two. Even Tanvir Ahmed has a six-fer here. But much of this is pre-2014 when pitches – and especially Dubai – could still give something to the fast bowler on the first morning. Since then surfaces have turned over and without protest died a little. Wahab Riaz turned a game in one epic spell, and he was fun to watch last year against Sri Lanka Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but those were superhuman bursts and essentially in defiance of conditions.

    Our guy in Dubai was different. He bowled well like he was entitled to bowl well here, with the assurance – it’d be arrogance if he had cooler hair – that his uncomplicated methods were good enough wherever he went, Dubai, Dublin, Dominica, London or Leeds. He wouldn’t have to hold the ball different, or shorten his run-up, or increase his pace, or change his lengths drastically. He wouldn’t have to do anything – the pitch would have to respond. He is, after all, the only bowler to average under 20 in the four countries he’s bowled in. It’s only nine Tests but some people still think he’s a conditions-only bowler – which ignores that six of those Tests have been in conditions more like this than what he got this summer.

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