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    It’s all wanting to convince the kids of Dalam negri that smoking is awesome. But far from that picture, Indonesia is now finding by itself dying in a cloud connected with Newport 100s Carton Cheap smoke. Indonesia is a nation just to the north associated with Australia. But Marlboro Lights Cigarettes while the two nations are very close, their guidelines on smoking are kilometers apart.
    NATHAN: Here we have been very strict. People cannot smoke inside most community places, cigarette advertising will be banned, it’s against the law to purchase smokes under 18 along with tobacco is taxed greatly to make smoking expensive. All of us also have huge education promotions warning of the health risks.
    However the story in Indonesia could not be more different. There are basically no restrictions on wherever and when you can light up. As well as anyone Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes Online can buy and smoking, even kids your age!
    Not many people here know about the hazards of smoking either. The majority of have just never been informed about it. To make matters even worse the habit is very affordable due to the low taxes on smoking cigarettes. In Australia a group usually costs over 10 bucks. In Indonesia they may be less than a dollar. All of these aspects add up to one huge issue.


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    Miro Torg

    wow nice !

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