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    The main reason is that this e cigarette is a lady’s cigarette (it is wrong, hard orange love you are not a woman’s Newport 100s Carton Cheap and Free Shipping cigarette), thinner and smaller. A day to smoke any box of words, is going to be less than before the feeling of smoking cigarettes half, I think the injury to the body is less than half.
    Reddish golden dragon (hard pink love you) shortboard
    Think about red golden dragon (hard blue love you)? Reddish colored golden dragon (hard glowing Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes blue love you) in 2018 thin cigarette sales listing from the growth rate regarding product sales, “love you” can be stated to be a blockbuster, but even though it occupies the third place in slim cigarette sales, but its product sales gap with the first and also second is not small , exactly why can’t Newport Regular Cigarettes you buy cigarettes? Check out its reason red precious metal dragon (hard blue enjoys you) have two really obvious short board, it really is area is too strong, it truly is brand well-known is too lower. Both cause and impact each other.
    1, regional also strong
    Red golden monster (hard blue love you) sales concentrated in the northeast and other regions, sales discrepancy is obvious.

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